Constance Tsarabanjina

Discover the luxurious castaway experience

Come and experience Robinson Crusoe chic

Barefoot 5* luxury on a serene Madagascan island resort. For those seeking to engage all 5 senses, less has always been more. Virgin beaches, turquoise clear water, the pleasures of nature at every turn, total privacy – all the beautiful clichés apply. Come and experience Robinson Crusoe chic.

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Situated in the north-western part of Madagascar, at about 40 miles from the island of Nosy Be, Tsarabanjina is one of the islets of the Mitsio Archipelago. Fringed by white sandy beaches with extraordinary birds, lush vegetation and encircled around by coral reefs, the region is bathed in sunshine all year round. Tsarabanjina is a sacred islet. On the small peninsula of the eastern beach is found the tomb of the Sakalava kings of the Mitsio islands. Up to this day the people of the Mitsio islands venerate this place; they come here bringing their off erings (money, honey, rum, …).

Highlights of your stay

  • Catch your own fi sh for dinner.
  • Explore a diverse ocean scape with a snorkeling guide.
  • Have an indulgent rest in your private hammock cabin.
  • Relax during a massage on our “Spa on the rocks”.