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Mastel Hospitality

Hospitality Consulting and BI
Mastel Group has been forged over the past seven years, always intended to convey the concept of “customer service optimization” within all business areas in which it has introduced its services.

Mastel Hospitality Consulting was founded in 2006, a technological consulting firm linked to international hospitality market. Mastel Hospitality purpose was to provide with the added value of its functional and technological knowledge to customers, working on improving the quality of information as well as organisation working processes for proper decision-making. With a career of more than 10 years at the time in which company was set up, Mastel Hospitality has managed to form part of some of the most prestigious hotel groups in the national and international industry.

Mastel Hospitality

In parallel with the development of Mastel Hospitality Consulting, Mastel takes national and international distribution, in Spanish-speaking countries, the specialized software for managing golf courses, spa and sports centers with the name Concept Software Systems (CSS) owned by the Anglo-Portuguese Conceptek.

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In mid-2011, the interest in developing a new business line comes up dedicated to Business Intelligence as well as working in the field of hotel consulting, would allow the Group, working with other business areas to which synergy existed. With this idea Mastel Business Intelligence emerged.

Mastel Business Intelligence develops BI products for Golf and Spa that are currently marketed worldwide and are installed in some of the most prestigious international Hotel Chains and Resorts. Additionally, it addresses other projects in different business sectors that are giving professional recognition in the Business Intelligence area.

Hotel Representation Services by Mastel saw the light in 2012, with the purpose of representing the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts in Spain. Through HRS by Mastel new market and representation opportunities are open for hotel groups and independent establishments having no representation in Spain, and wish to strengthen their presence within the output tourism market.

In the same year, the Group began its journey with Hello Russia, a company specialized in Russian translation service demanded by the hospitality industry. Translation services have been used by many of the group’s clients in order to expand its presence in emerging markets worldwide.