Constance Lémuria

Experience the ultimate lifestyle hotel

Nourish all your senses in this beautiful, 5* secluded paradise

Elegantly nestled in its surroundings,empty white sandy beaches co-exist with lush fl ora and fauna, including a turtle sanctuary.Play on the only 18-hole golf course of the Seychelles. Balance indulgence with perfect simplicity and room to breathe.

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An exclusive 5-star deluxe Constance Lemuria with its own 18-hole championship golf course unique to the Seychelles. Opened in December 1999 and completely renovated in 2016. The modern approach to design and quality of the buildings compliment the expectations of guests who enjoy the standard of luxury and yet the comfort in harmony with the preserved natural beauty of the environment.

Highlights of your stay

  • Reconnect with wildlife in the Lemuria’s Turtle Sanctuary.
  • Stroll on Anse Georgette, one of the three most beautiful beaches in the world. Practice your golf on the unique 18-hole championship golf course of the Seychelles.
  • Discover fl ora and fauna from the UNESCO World Heritage site: Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve.

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